Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Benefits Of Driving Range Netting

While there are many investments that can help you increase the value of your golf driving range, few can surpass the return on investment that you can see with quality driving range netting

While many areas require the installation of netting by law, if your area doesn’t, investing in quality netting can pay you back many times over.

First, quality netting will reduce the risk of damage to others’ property.By having a net system in place, you can ensure that you know exactly how far a driven ball can travel. This will keep golf balls in check and decrease the risk of accidental property strikes from a stray ball. By containing stray drives, you can often find the cost of your liability insurance dropping significantly.

Second, by having a containment system, you will find that the time you spend recovering driven balls is reduced. This will allow you to save on labor expenses as well as increase the number of driving range netting balls that you are able to reuse.

As you can see from the examples above, installing quality driving range netting can be an investment that you can quickly see a return on, and also continue to see benefits from for many years in the future.

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